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Horseradish - Garlic Pickle Chips

Submitted by: | Source: Diana Rattray, Guide with additional notes by Grandpaskip

Horseradish - Garlic Pickle Chips
2010-05-08 Other

Guaranteed crispy Dill chips with several variations and flavor boosters

  • Servings: 3 quarts and 1 pint (usually)
  • Prep Time: 4 to 5 hours (drain and cut up)
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 hours and 10 minutes


1 Gallon
Store Bought Whole Dill Pickles** (see Below)
5 Cups
White Sugar
4 Tablespoons
Asian Garlic Sauce or Indian Garlic Paste
4 Ounces
White Prepared Horseradish



**NOTE: You can also use Sour Pickles, or Bread and Butter... But I LOVE Dills and LOVE Dill Juice.

Drain the pickles and RESERVE ALL JUICE... Slice the dills into 3/8" thick rounds or diagonals, (you can do spears if you want).

Wash the empty Gallon Jar thoroughly and sterilize with boiling water before use.

Put all slices in a colander to drain again, adding the collected juices to the other reserved juice Drain 4 to 5 hours at room temperature. This pickle juice is reserved for other uses in other recipes.

Layer 1/4 (about 3 cups) of the pickles back into the Gallon Jar... Layer 1/4 of the Sugar, a dollop of garlic paste and 1/4 of the Horseradish... Repeat the Layers ending with sugar and Horseradish... There HAS to be Sugar on top when you first begin this DO NOT ADD any Liquids !! (except the liquids contained in the variations).

Secure top well... Wrap top with plastic and a tight rubber band.. It needs to be as leak proof as possible...

Set in a non-reactive casserole or Cake Pan (Stainless or Pyrex only). BEFORE you fill the gallon jar, MAKE SURE it will stand up in the pan you have chosen UPSIDE DOWN.

Start by placing gallon jar RIGHT SIDE UP in the pan and leave on the counter. Every 24 hours, gently rotate the jar a few times like a paint shaker, and replace in the pan OPPOSITE the way it was.. (Upside down or right side up) Do this for 5-6 days... Don't worry, with all this sugar and Acid, these are both Bacteria and Botulism proof. On the last day, the top should be UP...

WHAT YOU HAVE DONE is created a super-saturated syrup (see below)... GENTLY spoon the Chips out and repack loosely into quart Canning Jars... Avoid disturbing the solid sugar residue on the bottom AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE... Some Chips will be imbedded in the sugar... Retrieve them later.

Boil Onions: Peel and par-boil 12 small boiling onions until just tender, 7-8 minutes. Chill until used.

Add 2-3 Cayenne peppers, 2 whole peeled cloves of Garlic, 2-3 Onions and some Dill to each Quart Jar for decoration...

GENTLY drain off the syrup that has been created into a non-reactive large saucepan... Dig out the imbedded Chips, rinse all the sugar off these chips and add them equally to the jars.

Bring SYRUP up to 200°F over a low flame. Get a Canning Bath going on High heat. When the bath has come to a boil, pour the Hot Syrup over the Pickles, leaving 1/2" head space. Secure sterilized lids and bands loosely (finger tight) and process for 10 MINUTES ONLY !!

Remove with Neoprene Gloves or Jar Lifter. Finger tighten Lids, and let jars cool on a towel on the counter. Check and gently finger tighten the lids every hour or so until cooled. Good for years on the shelf, but they won't last that long. I GUARANTEE

What you have done is saturated dry pickles with sugar and (sometimes) small amounts of liquids... The sugar is a dessicant, and massive amounts of it draws ALL LIQUID out of the dills, that liquid mixed with Sugar literally fills the jar with a newly formed pickling Syrup. As a result of this dessication, the pickles will be the CRISPIEST you have ever had. Totally transformed from the limp Dills that you bought. Give these a try.


SUGAR CHIPS: Forget the Horseradish, keep the garlic sauce and proceed.

MUSTARD CHIPS: (Per Gallon) mix 1-1/2 Jars Deli Horseradish Mustard with 1 Tablespoon Tumeric and Garlic Sauce.. Proceed.

MUSTARD HORSERADISH: Combine the two... Proceed.

HOT CHIPS: Substitute 3 ounces TABASCO SAUCE per gallon for the Horseradish and keep the garlic sauce... Use Frank's Hot Sauce for a mild bite, OR a Habanero sauce if you're masochistic and never want to talk again.

NOTE: Rinse out all the sugar in the gallon jar. You MUST clean and sterilize this gallon jar if you are planning on using it again...